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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Project to kill "Windows"

Seorang desainer bernama Yves Behar, memberikan sebuah sentuhan ajaib kepada OLPC versi 2, yang diharapkan akan menjadi laptop "All-Screen" pertama di dunia. Proyek yang oleh Apple diberi nama "Brick" ini, akan menjadi seperti gabungan hybrid antara iPhone dengan Macbook Air.
Produk ini akan memiliki sebuah keyboard dan trackpad virtual, UI adaptif yang bisa menjadi multitouch, gerak tubuh dan orientasi untuk berubah mode lainnya.+


Ketika Brick dipegang secara horizontal dengan 2 layar memiliki sudut, bagian bawah layer akan berubah menjadi keyboard dan touchpad virtual. Memang tidak akan ada tombol-tombol penanda bagi para pengetik konvensional. Bagian atasnya berperan sebagai layar laptop biasa, kecuali sensitif terhadap sentuhan dan bisa merespon gerakan tangan, seperti ketukan ganda untuk zoom, dan lain-lain.


Ketika kedua bagian dibuka secara penuh, maka Brick akan menjadi sebuah tablet dengan layar sentuh penuh. Mode ini sangat baik digunakan untuk surfing web, browsing, mengedit foto, dan menampilkan visualisasi musik.


Seperti mode laptop, tetapi dipegang secara vertikal. Setiap layer akan bertransformasi menjadi sebuah halaman elektronik untuk kemudahan membaca. Akan menampilkan eBooks, eMags, atau tampilan situs. Para pembaca akan menavigasikan dengan menggeser layer untuk membalikkan halaman.


Seperti mode tablet tetapi untuk dua orang. Ketika tombol pada layer ditekan, layer akan bisa digunakan untuk dua orang pengguna yang duduk saling berhadapan. Sangat baik untuk pekerjaan yang kolaboratif dan terutama untuk permainan.

Ok, sekarang, "Mengapa namanya Brick?" Karena ditargetkan untuk menghancurkan Windows !


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Porn Stars

I just wish to share this talk by Shelley Lubben a former porno star..she's really brave sharing her experience as a porno star and how she was transformed by GOD..I admire her courage and I think she is a wonderful person... I hope this will give you a new way perspective looking at porns and porn stars...

Ex Porn Star Shelley Lubben Tells the Hardcore Truth About Porn
"All the women in the Sex industry, We hate men. We pretend we love you, Oh I love all my fans. I love being a porn star, I love you man. Ah No, We don't love you, We want your money. We want to destroy yout life, destroy your marriage. We don't care. because we got screwd over by our parents or some other guys who abuses in life and that ever hurt by a man, and They are gonna pay!" - Shelley Lubben (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5)

Porn kills.

Eleven porn stars died from HIV, suicide, homicide and drug related deaths in 2007. Four more died from other causes.

HIV - Tom Howard - 2/27/07 and Joe Romero - 10/30/07

DRUGS - Haley Paige - 8/22/07, Chico Wang - 9/29/07, Danny Dukes - 12/30/07, Anna Nicole Smith - 2/8/07, Danny Roddick - 9/13/07, Brett Mycles - 2/25/07

SUICIDE - Kent North - 7/4/07

HOMICIDE - Vanessa Freeman murdered- 1/9/07, Zoey Zane murdered 11/24/07.

OTHER - Cody Foster - 1/07, Lori Michaels - 5/07, Haus Weston - 11/07, Lynden Thomas - 2/07

Porn Stars who died in 2007 below. Run your mouse over their pictures to read causes of death.

66% of porn performers have Herpes, 12-28% have other STDS.

26 porn performers have committed suicide since 1990.

45 porn performers have died from drug overdose since 1990.

Out of about 90 HIV positive porn performers, about 25 are living.

Of approximately 1500 people tested between January 2003 and March 2005, approximately 8.4 percent had at least one disease. Nearly 48.1 percent tested positive for Chlamydia, and 23.6 percent for gonorrhea. During this period, approximately 976 individuals were reported with 1153 positive test results. Males comprised 33%, females 67%, whites 13%, African Americans 6.6%, Hispanics 2.4%, unknown race/ethnicity 76.6% and 40% were between 20 and 24 years of age. Of the 1153 positive test results 722 (62.6 %) were Chlamydia, 355 (30.8 %) were gonorrhea and 126 (10.9 %) were Chlamydia and gonorrhea co-infections.

Porn is Not Glamorous and destroys lives.
Excerpt from Shelley's upcoming book:

Many believe the widespread fairytale that women enjoy making porn movies but
the truth is there are no happy endings for the women of porn. Women do NOT enjoy making porn movies and a closer behind-the-scenes look will show you several reasons why.

In the world of hardcore sex, an average day on the set for a porn actress is a long and tedious process. Women are told to come in around 8 am for makeup but it's only to make sure porn actresses arrive on time to work. Porn stars have a nasty habit of arriving late because they're often hung over from drugs or alcohol from the night before.

After make up, porn actresses usually wait around long hours until it's their turn to do their scene. Some scenes take an hour and some take several hours to film. It really depends if the male actor in the first scene could "perform" or not. It also depends if female actresses have to stop the clock because they can't handle the pain of a hardcore sex scene.

While waiting around, jaded porn performers usually end up in the rest rooms with bottles of alcohol and lines of speed or outside in their cars for a heroin fix or gathered in the back yard with other actors to smoke marijuana.

To add to the mind-numbing process, women are never able to experience sexual pleasure because of the continuous cutting during sex scenes. In the background the director constantly yells, "cut" and the flow of action is interrupted in order to get a better shot, adjust lighting or to wipe up bodily fluids. Repeatedly pornographers stop scenes and ask actors to "freeze" in position during very hardcore sex acts, which causes great physical and emotional pain for porn actresses.

I speak from personal experience when I say to be in the middle of a hardcore sex act with several actors at the same time and told to "freeze" in position for several minutes while lighting or cameras are adjusted is extremely painful and degrading. It's also very humiliating when scenes are stopped in order to wipe up bodily fluids such as semen, feces and blood.

Despite the fact women do not enjoy making porn movies, they continue to lie to their fans and proudly insist they enjoy making porn movies. Of course they do. They get paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to lie because this is their occupation. Porn stars are paid professional liars who know how to "act" and they do it well. In fact, because porn stars spend a great deal time in front of the camera and never step out of character, they usually have greater acting abilities than mainstream Hollywood actors.

I used to brag endlessly to fans and pornographers about my extreme "Italian" sex drive and how I loved making porn movies. I would go on and on about how I needed more and more to fulfill my insatiable appetite. I lied 100% of the time to 100% of the people. Lying is the native language of porn stars because they can't afford to tell you the truth. Not only would it ruin the fantasy for their fans but more importantly, it would ruin the amount of their paychecks. Don't believe porn actresses when they proudly proclaim they enjoy making porn movies. They're ACTING.

Pornography Statistics:

According to comScore Media Metrix, there were 63.4 million unique visitors to adult websites in December of 2005, reaching 37.2% of the Internet audience.

According to the Florida Family Association, PornCrawler, their specialized software program, identified 20 U.S. companies that accounted for more than 70 percent of 297 million porn links on the Internet.

By the end of 2004, there were 420 million pages of pornography, and it is believed that the majority of these websites are owned by less than 50 companies (LaRue, Jan. "Obscenity and the First Amendment." Summit on Pornography. Rayburn House Office Building. Room 2322. May 19, 2005).

The Internet pornography industry generates $12 billion dollars in annual revenue, larger than the combined annual revenues of ABC, NBC, and CBS (Family Safe Media, January 10, 2006,

The average age of first exposure to Internet porn is 11 (Family Safe Media, December 15, 2005, ).
The largest group of viewers of Internet porn is children between ages 12 and 17 (Family

Safe Media, December 15, 2005, ).
According to comScore Media Metrix, 71.9 million people visited adult sites in August 2005, reaching 42.7 percent of the Internet audience.

According to comScore Media Metrix, Internet users viewed over 15 billion pages of adult content in August 2005.

According to comScore Media Metrix, Internet users spent an average of 14.6 minutes per day viewing adult content online.

More than 32 million unique individuals visited a porn site in Sept. of 2003. Nearly 22.8 million of them were male (71 percent), while 9.4 million adult site visitors were female (29 percent)
(Nielsen/Net Ratings, Sept. 2003).
N2H2's database contained 14 million identified pages of pornography in 1998, so the growth to 260 million represents an almost 20-fold increase in just five years (N2H2, 9/23/03).

The cybersex industry generates approximately $1 billion annually and is expected to grow to $5-7 billion over the next 5 years, barring unforeseen change (National Research Council Report, 2002).

The total porn industry - estimates from $4 billion to $10 billion (National Research Council Report, 2002).
--taken from multiply (michael)


Saturday, January 31, 2009

What do you think about GAZA ?

How do you think the Gaza conflict WILL end, how do you think it SHOULD end ?

On January 22, however, the one president was Barack Obama, so he could speak freely about these matters - avoiding, however, the attack on Gaza, which had, conveniently, been called off just before the inauguration.
Obama's talk emphasized his commitment to a peaceful settlement. He left its contours vague, apart from one specific proposal: "the Arab peace initiative," Obama said, "contains constructive elements that could help advance these efforts. Now is the time for Arab states to act on the initiative's promise by supporting the Palestinian government under President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad, taking steps towards normalizing relations with Israel, and by standing up to extremism that threatens us all."

Obama is not directly falsifying the Arab League proposal, but the carefully framed deceit is instructive. - as written on

Ben-Eliezer said he does not regret his decision to bomb Gaza. Israeli Defense Minister. - as reported on

GAZA, Jan 20 (Reuters) - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, voicing shock and anger at the "heartbreaking" devastation, visited the Gaza Strip on Tuesday to pledge aid for Palestinians after Israeli attacks killed 1,300 and made thousands homeless.

Oprah Winfrey was Pro-Israeli??? i dont know for sure, because oprah was a victim once & today she's a humanitarian ...

Muslim groups and the Pakistani public criticized Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne and an army lieutenant, issued an apology after the News of The World reported that he had used offensive terms to refer to people from Pakistan and people of Arab descent.

Britain's opposition Conservative Party leader David Cameron said Harry's comments undermined work to root out racism from the country's armed forces. "It is obviously a completely unacceptable thing to say," Cameron told the BBC.

Harry is purported to have made the remarks in 2006 during a visit to Cyprus to carry out training exercises with fellow military cadets. In the video, Harry is heard to refer to one colleague as "our little paki friend" -- using a derogatory term for people of Pakistani origin.

Al Pacino : Take a look at Israel's history and you would know who the
terrorist is

Angelina Jolie : Arabs and Muslims are not terrorists. The world should
unite against Israel.

Will Smith " Both sides are wrong and the killing must be stopped

Richard Gere : Arabs are a burden on the world and should be annihilated

Sandra Bullock : I didnt know how much the subject but the war should
end to stop the bloodshed on both sides.

Keanu Reaves : If the Arabs are strong enough, they would destroy the whole world,therefore, we should annihilate them.

Anthony Hopkins : Israel means war and destruction and we Americans are behind
this war and I am ashamed of being American

Tom Cruise : The Arabs are the source of terrorism, they dont spare anyone without attacking them. I hope that Israel destroys all of them

written on : PS: I get this from and also from emails, so if you have any questions can refer to them..

and texts below, i attach here from facebook , a group named i love Israel :
Here are some facts your omitting:
1-Rocket Attack at Israeli Kindergarten Kills Boy and Man (The New York Times, June 29, 2004)
2-Gaza rocket strike hurts children (BBC, July 25, 2004)
3-6 kids wounded in Gaza rocket attack (The Jerusalem Post, July 26, 2004)
4-Rocket kills two Israeli children (BBC, September 29, 2004)
5-Gaza Strip Mortar Attack Injures 11 Israeli Soldiers (Bloomberg, December 17, 2004)
6-Rocket Attack Kills An Israeli Woman (The Washington Times, July 15, 2005)
7-Palestinians fire rocket at Israel from Gaza, wounding Thai worker (The Jerusalem Post, July 26, 2006)
8-Rocket from Gaza injures Israeli children on playground (CBC News, July 28, 2006)
9-Man injured by Gaza rocket fire (BBC, August 2, 2006)
10-Palestinians in Gaza resume rocket attacks on Israel (International Herald Tribune, September 1, 2006)
11-Rocket Fired From Gaza Kills Israeli Woman (The New York Times, November 15, 2006)
12-Israeli man dies after struck by Gaza rocket (Reuters, November 21, 2006)
13-Palestinian Rocket Lands in Israeli Day Care Center (Reuters, December 3, 2006)
14-Gaza rocket injures first Israelis since truce (Reuters, December 26, 2006)
15-Palestinian rocket hits house next to Israeli kindergarten (International Herald Tribune, May 7, 2007)
16-Gaza rocket lands on house in Israel, two injured (Reuters, May 15, 2007)
17-Gaza Rocket Attack Kills an Israeli Woman (The Washington Post, May 22, 2007)
18-Hamas Rocket Kills Israeli Father (News Blaze, May 27, 2007)
19-Palestinian rocket kills 2 Gaza children (Reuters, August 7, 2007)
20-Rocket from Gaza lands in Sderot; one Israeli injured (International Herald Tribune, August 28, 2007)
21-Rocket fired from Gaza hits Israeli border town (International Herald Tribune, September 3, 2007)
22-Palestinian Rocket Lands in Israeli Day Care Center (FOX News, September 3, 2007)
23-Palestinian rocket hits Israeli Army base, wounding dozens (International Herald Tribune, September 11, 2007)
24-Rocket from Gaza wounds 40 Israeli soldiers (International Herald Tribune, December 11, 2007)
25-Israeli woman seriously wounded in Palestinian rocket attack (International Herald Tribune, December 13, 2007)
26-Rocket fired from Gaza wounds Israeli child (International Herald Tribune, December 16, 2007)
27-Gaza Rocket Wounds 2 Israeli Girls (ABC News, February 7, 2008)
28-Israeli boy and older brother seriously injured in rocket attack from Gaza (International Herald Tribune, February 9, 2008)
29-Israeli Killed by Palestinian Rocket (FOX News, February 27, 2008)
30-New rocket attack aimed at Israeli city (International Herald Tribune, March 11, 2008)
31-Gaza rocket squads launch barrage against Israel (International Herald Tribune, March 13, 2008)
32-Hamas rocket attack kills one Israeli, wounds three others (Al Bawaba, May 6, 2008)
33-Rocket Fired From Gaza Kills Woman in Southern Israel (The New York Times, May 13, 2008)
34-Gaza rocket hits Israeli mall, hurts 14 (USA Today, May 14, 2008)
35-Rocket hits as Bush begins Israel visit (International Herald Tribune, March 15, 2008)
36-Poll shows Palestinians support rocket attacks and want peace talks to end (International Herald Tribune, March 18, 2008)
37-Gaza rocket fire damages Israeli nursery (UPI, March 28, 2008)
Gaza missile kills one at kibbutz (BBC, June 5, 2008)
38-Rockets hit Israel, breaking Hamas truce (International Herald Tribune, June 25, 2008)
39-Gaza rocket lands in southern Israel (Reuters, July 12, 2008)
40-Gaza rocket firings break cease-fire (UPI, August 9, 2008)
41-Rocket from Gaza lands in Israel (International Herald Tribune, August 20, 2008)
42-Rocket from Gaza hits Israeli town (International Herald Tribune, September 14, 2008)
43-Rocket fired from Gaza Violating Cease-fire (International Herald Tribune, October 21, 2008)
44-Gaza rocket strikes Israel (International Herald Tribune, October 30, 2008)
45-Hamas fires long-range rockets at Israel (International Herald Tribune, November 14, 2008)
46-Gaza mortars wound 6 Israelis (International Herald Tribune, November 28, 2008)
47-Rocket fire from Gaza wounds two Israelis (Reuters, December 17, 2008)
48-Palestinian militants fire rockets from Gaza (International Herald Tribune, December 18, 2008)
49-Gaza militants hit Israeli house with rocket (International Herald Tribune, December 21, 2008)
50-Israel Hit by Biggest Gaza Rocket Barrage Since Cease-Fire (Bloomberg, December 24, 2008)
51-Palestinian rocket kills 2 Gaza girls (Reuters, December 26, 2008)
52-Israeli killed by Gaza rocket (AFP, December 27, 2008)
53-Rocket fired by Gaza militants kills Israeli woman (Reuters, December 29, 2008)
54-Hamas hits Israel with dozens of rockets (International Herald Tribune, December 29, 2008)
55-Three killed by Hamas rocket fire in the South (The Jerusalem Post, December 29, 2008)

Fact 56: They wanted land we gave them Gaza and West Bank.
Fact 57: They elected Hama and Fatah(Declared Terriorist Organizations By the UN and many nations.
Fact 58: and still they continue to fire rockets into Israel.

Your point: " The Gaza strip is now a more fertile breeding ground for terrorism than ever before."

Israel has always been surrounded by nations of terrorists. And when the next attack comes, we will defend ourselves again and again and again.....


ok, now readers, let me know your comment about what happening in Gaza...


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Barack Obama has Removed the American Flag from the Tail of His Campaign Airplane

A picture of what is said to be Senator Barack Obama's airplane for his presidential campaign. The eRumor says that an American flag was previously painted on the tail but has now been removed and replaced with a symbol of himself.

Obama has used several different airplanes during his campaign but most recently has been flying aboard a Boeing 757 chartered from North American Airlines.

Until mid-July, the airplane had the markings of the North American Airline fleet, which included an American flag on the tail, which is a part of the paint scheme for the airline. The senator's plane was completely repainted, however, to reflect Obama's campaign (as is frequently the case in presidential races). The picture circulated with the eRumor shows the new paint job. The American flag of North American Airlines is replaced with Obama's "O" campaign logo.

There is a small American flag on each side of the airplane and toward the rear near the airplane's FAA registration number.


Friday, January 23, 2009


Acne is a skin disease that causes inflammation.
Pimples are
formed in the skin of the person whose is affected by acne. Teenagers are found to be infected by acne and it mostly occurs at the initial stages of puberty. Some people suffer from acne even during their adult ages. But mostly, acne gets cured by itself after the teenage.

But there is no general rule that acne will go away in the later adulthood. Hence t is advised to take treatments for curing acne.

The wounds in the hair follicle cells combined with the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands lead to acne. When not treated at the proper time acne spreads in the entire area of the skin.
The wounds or enlargements leading to acne are caused by bacteria called propioibacterium acnes. The sebaceous glands secrete oily substance and this is secreted more for people at
the puberty stages. This sebum helps the bacteria to multiply and this causes the rupture of dermis layer of the skin which results in formation of pimple.

The formations of pimples are the symptoms of acne. The pimples appear in the face, shoulder or the neck. The area of the skin infected by acne and the intensity of the pustules are dependent on the individual. For most of the people reddish pimples are formed and they go away with time. The infection that is caused is mild in these cases. But for certain people the pimples spread to the nearer areas. The swellings become large for people seriously affected with acne and these pustules are filled with transparent fluid. The infection spreads to those
areas that come in contact with this fluid.

The causes of acne are different for different people. It is necessary to find out the causes to treat the pimples. For most adolescent people, the secretion of hormones results in acne. At
the stages of puberty, people suffer from abnormality in the hormones that are secreted. For men, androgen secretion increases leading to increase in the sebum secretion by the sebaceous glands. This is favorable for the developments of bacteria leading to acne.

The formation of pimples is directly related to the production of hormones. When people suffer from stress, the hormones are secreted more. This also causes pimples. For some people, the sebaceous glands may be overactive in general. If the adrenal glands secrete more hormones due to some reason, the sebaceous glands will be stimulated leading to the formation of pustules.

In some cases, the bacteria blocks the skin pores and the swellings are formed as the skin does not breathe in those areas. In certain other cases, pustules are formed by the accumulation of dead cells. The frequent use of anabolic steroids also leads to the formation of cysts in skin as the steroids induce the hormone secretion.

Acne is caused in many adults as they expose their skin to chemical agents. The skin is the highly sensitive portion of the body and when it is exposed to toxins, pimples are formed
immediately. Some people may stay in sun for a long time which causes sun burns leading to acne. The face has to be washed often to remove the dirt and grease which helps for the
multiplication of bacteria. Acne is found is people who don't take proper care for their skin.

Acne is treated by applying ointments and gels on the affected area. Generally, it is not possible to prevent the appearance of pimples in most of the people. But once they get pimples, they can be cured and further infection can be stopped. Many products are available in the market for treating acne and they have to be applied continuously for more than two weeks to treat acne.

Certain products are effective in only certain areas of the
skin. Whatever may be the reason for the formation of pustules, these products must be applied to prevent the spreading of

Acne can be prevented when care is taken for the skin. The sebum secreted by sebaceous glands combined with dirt in the skin will cause pustules. To prevent the dirt from getting accumulated it is essential to wash the skin regularly with a good face wash. The exposure to sun light should be minimized to prevent the settling of dirt. Intense sunlight will surely damage your skin causing more sweat which results in the formation of pimples. The appearance of pimples is a symptom of acne. Most young adults have the habit of scratching the pimples which will spread the infection. The fluid within the pustules will form infection in the other areas due to scratching.

It is vital to understand the causes of acne. For teenagers, the hormonal secretion is induced in the puberty stages. The adrenal glands secrete hormones which activate the sebaceous
glands. These types of causes cannot be avoided as it happens within the body. But people can take steps to reduce stress in their minds which is also responsible for acne. People who eat
fatty foods are also affected by acne as the oils in the food stimulate sebaceous glands.

The treatments for acne lead to irregularities in the skin. The pimples may be cured but in most of the cases they leave scars which are undesirable. The latest technology uses laser
treatments and blue light therapy that will cure the pimples without scars. But it is not possible to use these latest therapies for all skin types. Depending on the individuals, the
treatments vary but for most, the original skin is lost.

The best way is to prevent acne from affecting your skin. This depends on the care you take for the skin and also on the lifestyle. When you see a pimple in your skin, stop taking fried
items so that your sebaceous glands are not over activated. People who suffer from obesity also suffer from acne. Take nutritional balanced diet and exercise regularly to dissolve the
extra fat in the body. This will regularize your hormones and will prevent acne.

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http://www.isnare. com/html. php?aid=269628
articles by Aakash Shah


10 Mistakes Event Planners Make When Using Online Registration

Written By: Jim Romanik
Copyright: 2009
Email: mailto:articles2@eply. com

Ten Mistakes Event Planners Make When Using Online Registration
ePly Services Inc.
http://www.eply. com/

Online registration helps many event planners save time and money and reduce stress related to event registration.
At the same time, other event planners seem to experience the opposite
effects from online registration. We have identified ten common mistakes event planners make when using online registration so that you can avoid them and experience the many benefits it can offer.

Mistake #1 - Assuming people will register online Just setting up an online registration system doesn't mean that people will use it.
You need to clearly communicate to event participants that online registration is available and that it is
the preferred method. If your group is used to faxing or mailing registrations, you may need to offer some incentive to break old habits.

Mistake #2 - Assuming people can find the online form
Just because you can navigate to the online from doesn't mean everyone can.
The link to the registration form needs to be very obvious. Use large fonts, different colours or some other effect
to make it stand out. You may even want to put the link on several pages just so it can't be missed.

Mistake #3 - Not allowing enough time to get set up If you are new to online registration, allow lots of extra time to get set up as it takes longer than you think.
Set up times vary considerably depending on the complexity of your form and
especially if you need to open e-commerce accounts etc. Allow plenty of time to get approvals from your clients, managers and/or committees and for the time it takes to make any necessary changes and get final approvals.

Mistake #4 - Not fully testing the system yourself
Whether you use an online registration supplier or build something in-house, be sure to personally test the entire system to make sure it has the right look and feel.
Programmers can
verify that it functions correctly, but only a professional event planner will notice the finer points to make it perfect.

Mistake #5 - Making registration too complicated
Nobody wants to spend time trying to figure out how to use your online registration system. Some systems are very complicated, even for advanced users. Look at several different systems and you will be amazed at how different two systems designed to perform the same function can be.

Mistake #6 - Spending time and money on unnecessary options
Technology is great and almost anything is possible, but carefully consider what you really need and what your event participants will actually use before paying for special features. Just because it's possible doesn't mean it's right for your event.

Mistake #7 - Trying to collect too much information
Just because you aren't doing the data entry doesn't mean you should ask your event participants for lots of extra information. Your participants will get annoyed, especially if you have too many "required" fields. Find a balance between collecting enough details and keeping the registration form easy to complete.

Mistake #8 - Not being fully committed to online registration
For some events going online is a big step. When you decide to take it, make sure you are committed to promoting online registration and using the system to its full capacity to get your money's worth. If you or your event planning committee is only half committed you will see disappointing results.

Mistake #9 - Not making event participants feel comfortable
People are concerned about what happens to the information they submit online. Post a privacy policy, make the form match your website and don't ask for information that you don't need. Also, a big turn off for online registrants is creating an account with an online registration company before registering for your event.

Mistake #10 - Offering the wrong payment options
Know how your event participants prefer to pay. Real time online credit card transactions are efficient and cost effective, but if many people registering for your event don't have credit cards (or maybe don't have a company credit card) you will also need to consider offering "pay by cheque" or "send me an invoice" options.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or comments about this article.

Author's Note: This article was originally published here:
http://www.eply. com/event_ resources/ online_registrat ion_articles/ ten_mistakes. html

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Jim Romanik - founder of ePly Online Event Registration
(http://www.eply. com)

We are online registration experts and treat your reputation
as our own to build registration forms that help your events
succeed and make people wonder how you did it.

Download our Free Guide - "What Every Event Planner
Should Know About Online Event Registration" at:
http://www.eply. com/lp/articles. html


Saturday, January 17, 2009

women hate women??

Feminism is a casualty in ‘Bride Wars’
Why do so many movies aimed at women hate women so much?
By Alonso Duralde
Film critic contributor, updated 9:15 a.m. ET Jan. 9, 2009

As if to assuage the anxieties of the millions of same-sex couples deprived of the right to wed in this nation, here comes “Bride Wars” to make the entire institution of marriage look almost as awful as last year’s dreadful “27 Dresses” did.

Yes, it’s January, so once again it’s time to endure a romantic comedy about women who feel less-than without that ring on their finger. The added bonus of “Bride Wars” — assuming you’re a misogynist — is that it portrays the contemporary American female as someone who will stab her lifelong friend in the back should said pal stand in the way of a dream wedding. (All of which would be forgiven, of course, if the script made us care about, or even want to laugh at, either of its leads.)

Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson, sporting the worst bangs ever) are the chums in question, and ever since childhood they've each dreamed of having a lavish June wedding at New York's legendary Plaza Hotel. (And no, this isn’t a period piece; we’re to believe that two girls raised in the 1990s outside of a polygamist camp have literally been obsessing their entire lives about walking down the aisle.)

Naturally, they both get engaged at the same time, and due to a mix-up with their wedding planner (Candice Bergen, starving for just one funny line), there’s but a single day in June available for them. Their fianc├ęs reasonably suggest a double wedding, but sweet Emma, who’s a doormat for Liv and any other woman with a personality, stamps her foot and declares that this one day is going to be all about her, while bulldozer Liv also resolutely refuses to back away.

The rivalry between the two gets ugly, with the women sabotaging each other’s visits to tanning and hair salons. Emma sends treats to Liv’s office in the hopes that her former BFF will get too fat to squeeze into her Vera Wang gown. (We’re told twice in the film that “You don’t alter Vera to fit you; you alter yourself to fit Vera.”) One of the few funny gags in “Bride Wars” involves a mention of “International Butter Club” as one of the high-calorie goodies Emma sends Liv’s way.

This all leads to a catfight in tulle, which is the money shot for a movie this singularly odious.
One has to wonder if the critics who spewed vitriol all over “Sex and the City” last year have watched movies like this one, where women turn on each other at the slightest provocation while the men around them cluck condescendingly. Hudson has a particularly insulting meltdown scene in her law firm that no actress in the 21st century should be forced to play on screen. Not even Kate Hudson.

“Bride Wars” follows the usual chick-flick route by giving us two lead characters with one discernible personality trait each, male characters who are completely bland and interchangeable (Bryan Greenberg, Chris Pratt and Steve Howey all seem, to quote “Steel Magnolias,” “carved out of cream cheese”), and some sass-mouth second bananas to spice things up.

So raise a glass to Kristen Johnston, Michael Arden and “Saturday Night Live” regular Casey Wilson for giving “Bride Wars” whatever jolts it has during their brief moments on screen. They’re the candied almonds that make this sea-foam punch of a movie even remotely swallowable.--taken from


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